Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Here are pictures from our first day at the beach. The kids were ecstatic! Brooks wasn't sure about any of it... let me see... the sand bothered his toes; he didn't like the water - it was too cold; he didn't want to build a castle... :) We did end up buying a big truck (Brooks named 'Little Rudy') at the Goodwill and he really loved playing in the sand with it. 99 cent great investment.

Kate was fearless - as always. She just inhaled everything. She was ready to hit the ocean, didn't care that the waves hit her in the face, and loved digging holes in the sand.

Many people have told me that Brooks will get better. We will see. All I can think is, "Wow. Swimming class is going to be VERY interesting next year."
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Elise said...

Just gorgeous ! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful moments

angie said...

The picture of the kids in your header is just beautiful. Brooks is getting so tall. I am so glad you all had a good time. Happy belated birthday. I have done so bad this year with remembering birthdays.

Rebecca said...

I have always loved the ocean and my sister was always very timid and cautious. It wasn't until she was much older, that she gave it a chance. Brooks will get better (so will Reese) but I try not to worry about the timing of it all. Otherwise, we would all go crazy.

Anonymous said...

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