Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Saturday

We spent the entire day yesterday doing yard work. I got 2 new outside lanterns and wired them myself on the back porch! (I just took the old ones down and put the new ones up) Then, we got a new mailbox post and box and replaced the old one - which was rotten and rusted. I also got some Carolina Jessamine planted behind it, so that it will really look pretty by the spring next year.

Scott spent the day putting up the mailbox and cutting, cutting, cutting the shrubs. The previous owner did little besides cutting the grass the 6 years they lived here, and it really shows. Our neighbor, who built the house, was helping Scott with what needed to be cut and how far back.

And, the clincher..... Our property survey done prior to our purchase last year and the original survey done for Jimmy when he built the house are different! Ours shows our property a bit smaller than his does. So, now I have to call the courthouse and get that straightened out - especially before we put our fence up!

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