Saturday, April 19, 2008

HER pants

Kate is at that point where everything is hers. The house, Bullet, her bed, her couch, etc....

Last night I was about to put her to bed, and she had gotten her pullup and met me in her bedroom. I told her to take off her pants so that she could put her pullup on. Her reply was this:

"Mama, it's not her pants, it's MY pants"

Another funny - She and Scott were running errands this morning and Kate dropped her Care Bear in the parking lot. Scott picked it up, and she replied, "Thank you, Daddy!" Scott said, "Say, 'Daddy's awesome!' " and she said it. Then he said, "Say, 'Mama's awesome!' " and she replied:

"No sir, Daddy, Mama's a GIRL". (can you see the "yes ma'am and no sir discussions we have been having?)

On a side note, Brooks and I are going to the dr this morning. He has had a cold for a week today and he is getting more cranky. I just want to see if he has something else sick now. Will keep you posted on that...

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