Friday, April 4, 2008

Officer's funeral

A police officer from our town was killed last week while on duty. His car hydroplaned and hit one of the beautiful Bradford Pear trees that line Main Street. It was a very sad event for our town, because he is the first police officer here to be killed in the line of duty.

Today, I was out running errands, which is typical for a Friday. I had really wanted to stand on the street during the funeral procession, which is what the family asked of those who wanted to express their appreciation and condolences. But, the busyness of the day caught up with me.

On the way home, however, I realized that we were in time for the recession from the church back to the cemetery (located off Main Street). So, we stopped (groceries in the car - yeah, I know...) and waited for them to come by.

For those who haven't seen a procession for a police officer, it is really impressive.

There were 2 fire trucks facing each other on Main Street, one from P'ville and the other is ours. Their buckets were extended at their highest point, and 2 officers (1 in each bucket) shared holding an American flag across the point. The flag was kept folded lengthwise until the procession reached it, and then they released it to fly freely.

There seemed to be an endless line of police cars and motor cycles. There was also a large group of cyclists that rode in a pack, I guess as a tribute. Beside the hearse 1 motorcyclist drove, as an escort. One of our firetrucks rode by draped in a black wreath and black fabric. I also noticed police cars from counties all over Alabama. What a tribute to that family. Everyone says that police officers are a tight family, and that shows at a funeral like no other time.

I couldn't also help but think that we also have that tight nit support as Christians and as part of the Lord's Church. Thank goodness we don't have to qualify as police officers to receive those benefits!

Kate and Scott are headed to Mobile tonight for Megan's b'day party tomorrow. Kate is so excited - birthday parties are the highlight of her life right now. I have to say, I hate it when any of my family is not with me. It makes me very nervous for their safety. Not that I could do anything if some catastrophe happened with them here with me, but at least I would be with them. Does that make sense? But, they will be back home tomorrow night. And, I'll be glad.

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