Saturday, April 12, 2008

Brooks at the barn

Doesn't he look little beside Reed?
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Sarah said...

Sweet, Kristi! He may be an old horse but he sure does look great! What lovely pictures, I especially love the one with you kissing him. He is got such a beautiful red to him. You know this is the first time I have seen him?? He is one lucky guy to have such a dedicated owner!

Mom said...

I love this pic of Reed and Brooks!! It is great! So glad you guys had a good weekend and got to catch up on some things. I, too, can't believe that Reed is still beautiful at his age---need to get his secret! It's a wonder he is still LIVING---after that incident at the Coliseum so many years ago, wanted to KILL him---oh, well, guess that was in his teenage years and forgivable!! :) Love the pics of you and Reed, very sweet---a girl and her horse!!