Thursday, February 14, 2008

Getting ready for the party

Well, preparations are underway for Kate's birthday party! I was lucky enough to be able to get my shopping done for the decorations and her cake, so tomorrow I can spend the day preparing instead of shopping. She still has no idea that Saturday is the day!

I have most of everything that Kate has mentioned:
  • a cake
  • balloons
  • goody bags (you read right)
  • candles
  • presents

Angie and Chris sent her a b'day present - and that was the first time she has actually ripped a gift open! She got the cutest horse outfit by Gymboree (love that brand) and a Dora figure with horse (she has already named the horse "Pony"). Brooks, of course, was in the middle of it. Saturday is going to be interesting...

So, on this Valentine's Day, Scott is working very late. I don't expect him home until at least 8:30... But, that is OK - he is such a wonderful husband and father. He works so hard for our family and we are so proud of him!

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Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Please wish Miss Kate a Happy Birthday party from her Aunt Pat. Can't believe all the little munchkins are getting soooooo big. Love to all of you.