Friday, August 20, 2010

Kate's first real week of school...

went fantastic!

She is still learning about manners - primarily what they are concentrating on this week and next. She got to chose a prize today for having 5 smiling teddy bears in a row (each day her teddy bear is graded and sent home). I was honestly surprised that all of the kids didn't get a prize, I mean, this is K5, right?

Do I think that Brooks would make 5 smiling teddy bears in a row? Probably not. :) Thank goodness K5 is 2 years away for him.

I have been busy getting clothing ready for consignment. I have over 150 items for this sale. It's ridiculous, I know. But, there is clothing from when both the kids were 12 months and older. I am cleaning out - tired of the clothes sitting in bags in the closet. I am, however, saving the dressy things from their first year. Just can't let go of that!

Scott is ready for some cooler weather to come. We got some nice rain this week.

Today Brooks couldn't find his racing shoes. I asked him where he last saw them, and he said, "on my feet!". When I was telling Scott what he said, Scott guess his response before I could tell him. Like father, like son. Tonight he and Brooks were looking at at UGA everything. Scott said it was like heaven on earth having Brooks enjoying it as much as he does! He is quite a good son.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random statements

Random statements from the 5 year old in the next exam room:

"Hey! Put your claws back mister!"

"He's a boy? I thought so. I could tell by his face."

"What's wrong with the kitten's eye? (we have a kitten with a hurt eye) My Daddy has a glass eye. It had a worm in it" (seriously, said that in front of her Dad. He had roundworm larve migrate to his eye as a child. Very sad)

... TMI little girl

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kate's first day, in her words

(as dictated by Kate)

I loved playing outside with the yellow school bus and with the red car with the 2 blinking yellow circles. I like having lunch. I liked my lunch today, and my snack too. I love seeing new people and making new friends. I met a new friend that wore an orange shirt with the letter "Z" in front (her name is Zara). We painted together and played play-dough together. I love Ms. Knott! And, I just love my school. And, I love staying on my first day at school. We had 5 kids at my school (class). And, the last thing is I love Mama picking me up. Love, Kate

Picture fun

How happy am I that Brooks and I played this morning! I played with the camera and then we played with his lincoln logs... This has turned out to be a nice morning!

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First day of school!

Here we are. 5 years in the making.
When did this sweet girl grow up?

I dropped her off this morning. When she realized it was her school, she beamed: "YAY!!!" Brooks and I walked Kate to her classroom on the first day. She was so excited about all the day! I can't wait to hear of all the fun things she did today.

For lunch I packed: peanut butter/nutella sandwich, grapes/carrots, pretzels and smiles. For snack she got peanut butter crackers and juice.

Me and Kate at Open House

First day - this is the shirt that Kate picked

At the table
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I learned from my vacation

Since we have been married, Scott and I have talked about traveling. I want to see so many things of our country, to be able to go places new and historic. We have gone a few places and hope to expand in the future.

But, as our family gets older, I am learning that a vacation is more than seeing new places. The memories are unique and don't get as lost as those in our daily lives. Here are some I wanted to write down for our family:

- Brooks and Kate running down the hall towards our hotel room every time
- Kate always jumped over the brown places in the carpet
- I seriously have lost count of how many times Brooks has told each of us that "he loves us"
- the smiles on the kids faces when they got their hands painted at Chickalay
- Kate jumping into the pool, and Brooks "jumping" into the pool
- our hysterical laughter at Kate telling me to "tell her when I go to sleep"
- stinky boogers
- Brooks falling off the bed while sleeping
- waking up to find Kate asleep on the floor, waiting for us to get up
- all the ride home, Kate beginning every question with: "Mom, can I ask you a question?"

I'm sure I will remember and add more later. We just had the best time ever!

Swimming fun

Honestly, I believe the highlight of the week was the pool. Brooks got so much braver by the end of the week, and as you can see, Kate was a fish. I love these pictures the best!

(click to collage to see it closer)
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American Flags everywhere

There were so many beautiful flags flying all around Savannah - and the Hilton Head area this week, that I had to take pictures of them!
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Antique shopping in Savannah

Ok, so this was crazy! My Mother's grandmother, Granny, collected "Mildred" pattern of china. My Dad's grandmother, Mama Williams, collected a Japan pattern with Roses. How about both of these china patterns are side by side in this shop! I had to call Mom and tell her. I have Mama Williams' china - given to me by Nana when I was a teenager. It is one of my treasures! I was lacking (1) dinner plate in the collection, and I was lucky enough to purchase it today.

The picture of Brooks below is inside a warehouse that contained 1000's (and I'm not kidding) of pieces of english furniture. It was so H-O-T!

We walked around the city today and made it to Forsyth Square. Is it the center of the city? Somehow I don't think so. Anyway, there is a beautiful statue inside it, and if I had had less cranky children I would have gotten to read it and tell you more about it.

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Savannah, GA

Today we spent the day in Savannah. It was only a 30 minute ride from Hilton Head. There were antique stores everywhere! I think we went to at least 8 of them. The only treasure I found today was a plate that I had missing from my Great-Grandmama's china. It was a fantastic day!
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 in the pool!

Today, Kate is jumping way off the side of the pool to Scott! And, Brooks is swimming with us around the pool and "jumping" (sort of) into our arms. The kids are loving swimming every morning!

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The kids keep us laughing...

Monday night, I had just turned out the lights. Everybody was quiet, when Kate suddenly said, "Mama. Mama. When you go to sleep, just let me know", to which I replied, "Now, how will I do that if I'm asleep?". Both the kids just burst into laughter! So, I would keep asking them, "Now, when you go to sleep, just tell me, OK?" We laughed and laughed - the kids were screaming with laughter...

On the way home Tuesday night, we were talking in the car. There are 2 words that the kids don't like to say: stinky and boogers. Well, someone let out the word "stinky" which promptly had Brooks hysterically laughing. Then he said, "stinky boogers" to which Kate said, "Don't say that!" Scott asked her, "Don't say what?" and she had to say "stinky boogers" which had us all laughing...

At some point, we got turned around, and Brooks started saying, "Daddy's wrong. Mama's right."

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I just loved this one...

This is a flag on top of the lighthouse... it was beautiful!
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Handpainting at Chickalay

Well, what trip would be complete without a visit to Chickalay. Miss Pinky was doing hand painting for the kids and ours were delighted! Kate was in line to get hers, and I asked her what she was going to get, and her reply was, "Mom, I don't want to say - I want it to be surprised." She chose an angel and Brooks chose a football. Miss Pinky did a fantastic job!

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Hilton Head Lighthouse

We took a trip all the way to the end of Hilton Head Island to see their lighthouse. You can read more about it here. The walk up wasn't that difficult, but it was HOT! The views from the top were just beautiful. And, we got the prettiest ornament for our tree as a souvenier - it is a sailboat with Christmas trees and stars on it's sails! So cute!

Chris, Angie and Emma had to leave after we got done to go home. It was a super treat to get to see Emma! (and Angie and Chris, too!).

Us at the top of the lighthouse.

Kate was wondering what this statue was reading...

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Pool time

We headed out first thing this morning. Unfortunately the sun didn't cooperate with me... what's the point of sunscreen when you get outside and it instantly clouds over. Oh, well. Hopefully tomorrow I will see a bit of sunshine. Brooks is getting braver by the day at the pool - he is letting go of the rails and let Scott take him to the other side. Big deal for him! Kate, of course, is working on going under water and jumping to Scott. She is a fish.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hilton Head

Today was a great day. We got some beach pictures - Angie and Chris's pics were the best! The beach on the East Coast is so different than the Gulf. But, we had fun and the kids enjoyed themselves. Kate LOVED the water, and that is why we are here!

Angie and Emma

Chris, Angie and Emma

Our Family

Loving the water!
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