Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kate's first day, in her words

(as dictated by Kate)

I loved playing outside with the yellow school bus and with the red car with the 2 blinking yellow circles. I like having lunch. I liked my lunch today, and my snack too. I love seeing new people and making new friends. I met a new friend that wore an orange shirt with the letter "Z" in front (her name is Zara). We painted together and played play-dough together. I love Ms. Knott! And, I just love my school. And, I love staying on my first day at school. We had 5 kids at my school (class). And, the last thing is I love Mama picking me up. Love, Kate


ICURIS said...

how sweet! so glad she had so much fun!!!

Laura McCann said...

Oh, Kristi, what a precious day to keep in your memory box! I am teary reading it. Brings back such good memories of my children and those first days of school. Glad all went well and that she is loving it!

The Hester Family said...

That is so precious.