Friday, August 20, 2010

Kate's first real week of school...

went fantastic!

She is still learning about manners - primarily what they are concentrating on this week and next. She got to chose a prize today for having 5 smiling teddy bears in a row (each day her teddy bear is graded and sent home). I was honestly surprised that all of the kids didn't get a prize, I mean, this is K5, right?

Do I think that Brooks would make 5 smiling teddy bears in a row? Probably not. :) Thank goodness K5 is 2 years away for him.

I have been busy getting clothing ready for consignment. I have over 150 items for this sale. It's ridiculous, I know. But, there is clothing from when both the kids were 12 months and older. I am cleaning out - tired of the clothes sitting in bags in the closet. I am, however, saving the dressy things from their first year. Just can't let go of that!

Scott is ready for some cooler weather to come. We got some nice rain this week.

Today Brooks couldn't find his racing shoes. I asked him where he last saw them, and he said, "on my feet!". When I was telling Scott what he said, Scott guess his response before I could tell him. Like father, like son. Tonight he and Brooks were looking at at UGA everything. Scott said it was like heaven on earth having Brooks enjoying it as much as he does! He is quite a good son.


Pa said...

Brooks looks and acts like Scott more and more every day. He his a sweet mess.

Donna said...

Love your new profile pic. Glad Kate did so well in school, but it comes as no surprise. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So glad she liked her basinette baby purse. It was fun to make for her.