Thursday, August 5, 2010

What I learned from my vacation

Since we have been married, Scott and I have talked about traveling. I want to see so many things of our country, to be able to go places new and historic. We have gone a few places and hope to expand in the future.

But, as our family gets older, I am learning that a vacation is more than seeing new places. The memories are unique and don't get as lost as those in our daily lives. Here are some I wanted to write down for our family:

- Brooks and Kate running down the hall towards our hotel room every time
- Kate always jumped over the brown places in the carpet
- I seriously have lost count of how many times Brooks has told each of us that "he loves us"
- the smiles on the kids faces when they got their hands painted at Chickalay
- Kate jumping into the pool, and Brooks "jumping" into the pool
- our hysterical laughter at Kate telling me to "tell her when I go to sleep"
- stinky boogers
- Brooks falling off the bed while sleeping
- waking up to find Kate asleep on the floor, waiting for us to get up
- all the ride home, Kate beginning every question with: "Mom, can I ask you a question?"

I'm sure I will remember and add more later. We just had the best time ever!

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