Thursday, August 5, 2010

Antique shopping in Savannah

Ok, so this was crazy! My Mother's grandmother, Granny, collected "Mildred" pattern of china. My Dad's grandmother, Mama Williams, collected a Japan pattern with Roses. How about both of these china patterns are side by side in this shop! I had to call Mom and tell her. I have Mama Williams' china - given to me by Nana when I was a teenager. It is one of my treasures! I was lacking (1) dinner plate in the collection, and I was lucky enough to purchase it today.

The picture of Brooks below is inside a warehouse that contained 1000's (and I'm not kidding) of pieces of english furniture. It was so H-O-T!

We walked around the city today and made it to Forsyth Square. Is it the center of the city? Somehow I don't think so. Anyway, there is a beautiful statue inside it, and if I had had less cranky children I would have gotten to read it and tell you more about it.

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Melissa Lester said...

What beautiful china! I'm so glad you found the plate. That will be a wonderful way to remember your grandmother, your trip to Savannah and your treasured family time!