Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well, it seems that all I post is funny things. Well, I'm just so glad to have funny things to post! :)

- Tonight, I decided to take the kids riding around to look at Christmas lights after church. There was fantastic display in one neighborhood. All of the sudden, Brooks exclaims, "Mama, wook! A fwag!" Yeah, that's what he noticed.

- On the way home I said, "When we get back to ___ (our town) I'm sure there will be more lights", to which Kate (unhappily) said, "Mama, we don't live in ___, we live in ALABAMA!"

- Brooks is always so silly in church. Maybe he gets this from his Pa and his Mama. Anyways, tonight during a rather lengthy closing prayer (as I am holding him), I open my eyes to him coming straight towards my face, tongue hanging out and about to L-I-C-K my face! I got tickled, to which he burst out laughing.

I am still smiling as I type this.


Leah said...

Marley is LOVING the lights this year! She is constantly pointed them out! BTW, did you find your goodies and money last night? You were talking, and I didn't want to interrupt!

Jenny said...

Too funny! Love the prayer story :)

Nancy said...

and you'll remember it forever :)

The Epps Family said...

A very patriotic young man, that Brooks! A fwag! How cute!! Merry Christmas!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Reminds me of the time in church when Ashley looked me straight in the face with all seriousness and said "mama do you know your ears go up when you smile?" needless to say we had to all get up and leave for more than a few minutes. I couldn't stop laughing!