Friday, December 19, 2008


So, I've had this idea of what I wanted to make for this year. But it has taken some trial and error to get the technique figured out.

I was able to find the really fine glitter at Michaels. It really makes a prettier polka dot. I also used some stick glue to make the dots.

Leah gave me the idea of using a paint pen to draw the letters on the ornaments. I had recently gotten an embroidery book with monogramming techniques - which I used to make my letters.

I am not sure if I will place a bow or not. What do you think? I had also thought about placing some silver tensile inside the balls to give it some texture. Any ideas?
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Jenny said...

Too cute! I'm all about ribbons on ornaments this year. I've already got about 5...

Leslie said...

The ornament is very cute!

I tried to make ornaments like this for my co-workers this year. I was unable to make any that I liked so I ditched the idea and baked goodies for them instead. I didn't try the paint pen. I was trying to paint the monogram on with a brush! I dod have a few ornaments left over and I might pick up a paint pen and give it a try. Thanks for the idea.

T. Brodie said...

Don't put anything in it. It's cute as it is!

Nancy said...

not a bow, do like I've seen in boutiques, just simply tie the ribbon. No bow.
great job!!