Sunday, December 28, 2008

Playback from Dec 2007

So, I have been reading older posts - what fun! I came across this and thought I'd post it again. It still fits my life to a "T".

What annoys you about the Christmas holidays?

I just completed a "Christmas Survey for your friends" e-mail, which I love to do. It's fun to give your opinion on some topics.

One of the questions was, "What is most annoying to you about the Christmas holidays?"

For me, it is the pressure to buy expensive, impressive or just plain more presents. I sometimes feel that I am such a simplistic person. I consider myself very content, and there is very little that I wish for or yearn for in this life that I don't already have.

I think, though, what I wish for most, is a simpler time.

I wish that our neighborhood could be like Mayberry; our family be like the Cleavers; our house filled with stories and singing rather than television and movies (ironically, how would I know about Mayberry or the Cleavers without TV? I know, I know...). While I am sure that I have idealized the periods just a bit, I still remember walking to my friends homes and riding my bike for just a little while after dark. I wonder if my kids will experience that.

Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't trade a hot shower for life 100 years ago. After all, that IS a lot to ask!

My children are not old enough to really appreciate what Santa is all about. But, when they are, I want them to enjoy the innocence of this tradition for as long as they can. Is there a way for them to want something and be satisfied at the same time? I'm sure they won't as children - for that is something I hopefully can teach them.

I hope this is something that I am ALREADY teaching them.

'Nuff said. (gotcha Randy Medlin)


T. Brodie said...

I understand! Life has changed a lot since I was younger. I know you are doing a great job with your WONDERFUL children. It shows.

Nancy said...

I've seen you with them :) and you're a natural. But wouldn't it be nice when they're being potty trained we could just put them outside for a bit and then call 'em back in?! {wink}

Heidi said...


Nicole said...

I wish my neighborhood was like Mayberry too. I always think that when I watch Little House on the Prarie. Just simplier and less chaos!