Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tears of joy

I didn't cry when my children were born. Not that I wasn't the happiest that I had ever been - but the emotions didn't come out that way. I didn't cry when we got married. I cried only afterwards, seeing my Dad crying his tears of joy. But, early Friday morning, I cried my first tears of joy that I ever remember having.

After finishing a wonderful week at Pigeon Forge, Scott and I packed most of our stuff up in anticipation of coming home on Friday. I was ready. I love vacations, but as Scott knows, I get homesick pretty easily and I was ready to see our home and sleep in our wonderful bed.

Little did I know that there were other plans in store for me. I woke up around 1:30am with diarrhea and vomiting. Well, this continued until 5am - the last time I vomited - and I told Scott I was ready to go to the hospital. After getting lost on the way (thanks, GPS) we got there and thankfully, there was no one waiting. I remember sitting in the triage room and I could hardly think. Scott said I was white as a sheep. I kept asking for something for the nausea and they said they would, as soon as they got an IV started.

Well, the first guy tried twice and said my veins kept blowing. He apologized and said he would get someone else to try - much to my relief. Another nurse came in and she got it in the first try. I was so relieved that tears just started running down my cheeks. She said, "Oh, Honey, why are you crying? Do you just feel that bad?" I just shook my head "yes" but I knew I was crying because I knew I was about to get some relief from my nausea.

I just knew I had food poisoning. But, the ER doc said that there were 5 other people there with the same signs/symptoms. Something nasty was going around. We had eaten at Cracker Barrel the night before - and I ate 1 pancake. I told Scott that if he mentioned the word "pancake" to me again, I would vomit on him. But, I don't think it was that.

Having to be out of the condo at 10:00 and we didn't get discharged from the hospital until 10:30am, we were left with a dilemma. Feeling as badly as I did, we decided to get a hotel and stay one more night. I was in no mood to get into a car for a 6-7 hour car ride. It was good that we did, because Scott came down with the same symptoms that afternoon. He went to a private practice and got meds for himself. We both slept most of the night (except for getting up for diarrhea) and handled the kids pretty well... YES, WE HAD BOTH KIDS THIS ENTIRE TIME. Luckily they haven't gotten it.

So, after paying way too much for a hotel night's stay, we left around 9:30am on Sat morning to come home. That was the fastest ride ever - we made it home in 6 hours flat. I have slept most of the time since getting here. Scott is faring better - since he only had the diarrhea part of the virus.

So, blog buddies, I'm so glad that this weekend was a bad one to meet for lunch - and I'm really glad that no one showed up! I am dreading work tomorrow, mostly because I am so tired! We'll see what happens... I plan to get you caught up on Halloween pics and mountain pics soon.


Graham Shenanigans said...

I am so sorry your vacation ended that way. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and my husband ended up with food poisoning/stomach virus with the same symptoms for the last 3 days of our trip. I am glad you are feeling much better!!

The Epps Family said...

Oh, my-- what a terrible way to end your trip! I am so glad that you were able to get some help. I sure hope you are feeling better now!

Heidi said...

Whoa!!!! What a week for everyone huh????

Seriously, Buddy wants to know where your practice is. Was it Wetumpka? Sure, you can be our vet;)
What do you think about a Great Dane? We read they were great with kids but then yesterday, a friend said to watch out cause they can turn on you and are known to bite. Now I am terrified.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, you're always so good about stopping by to see me, thanks for commenting on the consignment shops post. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments.

jennwa said...

That sounds so terrible. I hope you get back to feeling like yourself again real soon.

Judy said...

Hey Kristi! What a way to spend a vacation....but that "bug" is going apparently going around. Shannon had it all last weekend, David has had it since Wed. and I got it Thursday....we have finally quit going to the bathroom but I still have the headache. I never did throw up but just felt like I could/would. So far Shannon's kids have not had it and I hope they don't!

I knew we couldn't make the luncheon b/c of so much going on this weekend. Maybe it will be good to wait until after Christmas? Please let me know when the next one is anticipated so we can try and make it..

Oh, yes, the auction is on 231. We've been following Wayne and Ann's auctions for about 5 years now. As I matter of fact, I went to one last night (Sat.) as we had some stuff we ran through....they also are having one every Monday night starting at 6:00 p.m. If you are ever interested in the Mon. night one e-mail me and maybe we can meet there. The last Sat. night one for this year is sometime in Dec. then nothing until after the
1st of the year. We go to socialize more than anything!

Hope you are feeling better this coming week.


Rebecca said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. What a way to end a wonderful vacation!

Haley said...

I am so sorry that your vacation had to end that way! I hope you feel better soon!

Three plus Me said...

Sorry to hear of the sickness! Glad you all made it home safely!

Me said...

bless your heart!!!