Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cades Cove

The mountains were at their finest this year. We got to go to Cades Cove and take a trip back into time. The mountains there are just breathtaking - and we all have memories that we'll cherish!

I wish these pics could convey the beauty we saw. It was just wonderful!
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Leslie said...

The pictures of Cades Cove are beautiful! We are headed up to the mountains this weekend and I hope that the trees are still as pretty as this. I am so sorry you were sick. I know you must have been miserable, but I am glad you are feeling better!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! SO pretty!

Melissa Lester said...

Beautiful photos! We used to live in East Tennessee and spent a lot of time in Pigeon Forge. And while we were there I learned that I am a direct descendent of John Oliver, whose cabin is in Cade Cove.

I hope you are feeling better. Stomach viruses are the worst!

Leah said...

You didn't tell me you guys went there!! That's my favorite!! The pictures are beautiful!! Hope you're feeling better today!