Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Dear Patience,

It seems that you are having a difficult time finding me these days. Perhaps it is because you have somehow lost my address... just in case, here it is: *********, ************, ***, ******* (if you can't read it, it is encrypted, but I'm sure that your computer capabilities will be able to decipher it.)

I have also wondered if you were hiding from me. I have lost so many juice cups... have you been hiding in there? Maybe you are under my daughter's bed. There are so many stuffed animals "sleeping" under there.

No, I bet you are hiding in our Christmas trees! There are so many pretty things there, and my children find themselves constantly touching this area. That's got to be it.

So, I implore you to find you way out of our Christmas trees and back into me. I am very scared of the thought of you hiding until after New Years! My kids would be so happy for you to make your presence known to me again! In fact, that's all I want for Christmas. I hope you aren't asking for some kind of ransom... we are in a recession this year and I would hate to use some of the kid's college savings to tempt you out.

If you could find it in your heart to return to us, our home will be blessed with happiness and gratitude!


Our Family


Louise said...

Too funny!!! Good luck finding it!! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Epps Family said...

Hope patience finds her way back to you!!

Glad the title of my post got your attention! LOL! I figured it would make people wonder what I was on about! HA!

The Epps Family said...

When you find time, click on The Anderson Clan link on my friends' blog list. Scroll down to look at Lissa's photos-- there is a beautiful one of horses that I thought you'd like to see. Melissa claims to be a photo hobbyist, but she looks pretty pro to me!

Kristi said...

Dearest Busby family,

It was soo nice to finally receive your letter, you know how slow the postal service is(ha, ha). I get tons of these letters a year that I almost think I am competing with Santa.

Sorry I have been not as helpful with the kids lately, I've been really busy passing out all the patience I can with my customers. You know the kind, "they say the other driver gets here earlier, why are you late, and is that all I"M getting.

I will shake down all 3 of the xmas trees that you and Kate alone put up and gather enough patience to last us til Feb. Rest assured I won't let you touch the savings fund b/c that may be our savings if the kids are half as smart as you!!!!!

Well I must run now. Lots of letters to answer and a house to help clean. We need to stay in touch more often.

All my love, your husband
(I mean patience)

Nancy said...

ha ha too cute but I can remember the days when the babes were little, the finances tight, and too much to do in too little time~but take heart, dear one. In the blink of an eye, and I mean a blink, they will be grown, things will quieten down and you'll wonder where the time went. Being an empty nester is good, but having babies around your knees is a bit better :)

Leah said...

Love this!!!