Sunday, November 16, 2008

"The Nutcracker Suite"

We had a fantastic time at our "spay day".

Our under the radar service project was spaying/neutering 27 animals for a local organization. It was fantastic fun - the girls had them down and ready, and Dr. B and I rotated between 3 tables for 3 hours. We also had volunteers to cart them back and forth. My back was a little tired from leaning over that time, but how fun is that? We did a lot of people a lot of good, and it felt good in return.

Afterwards, Scott pulled out my Christmas trees and I got them up. I had forgotten that last year I had purchased 2 after Christmas on sale at Lowes, so I put both of them up. I thought I would not put up our big one this year, but alas, I miss it! So, that one is going up next week! And, how could I forget, that this was the first year that Kate really could help me out - and she did a great job!

Then we were at the Weekley's to celebrate Meredith's 16th birthday! She is very excited to get that drivers licence - oh how I remember those days.

Today has been a downer day for me. Lots of reasons, none of which matter much. These days come and go, and I'm thankful that there aren't as many as there have been in times past. Anyway, I'm sure that things will look brighter tomorrow.


Me said...

the only good things about 'those kind of days' is knowing they make us appreciate the better days :) loved reading about your Christmas trees! We talked this weekend on where we'll place one in this apartment! yikes, not sure where there will be room :/ but regardless, the joy of the season will be there!!!!

The Epps Family said...

Sorry your day was down. Mine was the same way, though I had several periods of extreme happiness! You are officially Marlee's "distant Aunt!" Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.

Rebecca said...

I saw you after church tonight and was wondering if everything was ok. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow." I can't believe I just broke out in song like that!

The Hester Family said...

You DID NOT entitle this post the nutcracker suite. Was that Scott's suggestion?

Sarah said...

Hey chica, I will be praying for you, the downer days do me in sometimes.
Love you much.


The Epps Family said...

Post pix of the Christmas decor. I will do well to get lights out.