Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yes, I'm still here...

A week of working will really put you out of touch with the blogging world!

I am so thankful that this past week was wonderful. I had a fantastic time at work - besides being tired. I consider any day good when I feel like I had a handle on everything that came by, sick wise. I feel sufficiently recovered as of today, so it will be back to the grind tomorrow. I work most of this coming up week, too.

Brooks has been sick. Started with a runny nose on Wed, fever on Thurs and now coughing his head off. After having a pretty yucky diaper this morning, we decided that he should stay home. So, I am here blogging... I think that a dr's visit is in order next week. He had a pretty hard time coughing last night.

So, you are caught up.

Amazing that a week can be so busy but have nothing to blog about...
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Louise said...

It is amazing that we seem so busy all the time but then nothing really to blog about!!! :) Glad you made it through the rough week!! :)