Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deco updates

When it has come to this house, I have gone in spurts in getting decorating finished. And, it so far from finished!
I would love some suggestions!!!

Here is my favorite treasure from our recent antique shopping - an old tool box. I purchased some florist bricks and these fall beauties for 60% off at Michaels. It turned out really pretty and Scott loved it. He said that the table "needed some color".

I can't imagine why he thought that, seeing that there is an orange truck, a plastic red plate, an unfinished embroidery project AND a gallon of paint that is accenting the table quite nicely.

I took a swatch of my curtain fabric to Lowes to get a paint color to match, but the print was too small for the machine to pick out the color I wanted. So, I went through the Martha Stewart collection (how can you go wrong with a color of hers?) and picked out this one - Cranberry Bog. Now, when I gave it to the paint guy (who wasn't very helpful and got me aggravated), I told him a semi-gloss. What was I thinking??? This is 2 coats of it. It needs a 3rd, but I'm going to get a smaller can of the color in a flat for that coat. I painted the trim inset the same color as the kitchen - which is one step lighter than the living room color. It just seemed too white once I finished the red color.

Here are my curtains. I am tickled at how they turned out. My friend Paige helped me pick out the fabric, and I choose the style and the tassels. Really, I think that tassels are my new favorite thing. I wish I could put them on everything! Our living room is still a work in progress, but it is coming closer to how I want it. Notice Kate on the couch "sewing" in her book, and Brooks on the floor in front of the coffee table watching Happy Monster Band.

Up close look at the curtains. It is a good pic of the fabric, but not the tassels!
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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Kristi, just wanted to mention since you were asking about mantel decorations, I've got a whole post on that, so don't miss it! If you've commented or read it already, please disregard.


Leah said...

I think it's looking great!!

The Hester Family said...

Your house looks so great! When do ou have time to do all that? I love the Fall flower box - can't wait to buy Mums to put on my porch and pumpkins.

Mom left about 10 on her way home. I gained weight and my Dr. is happy with my progress, so I'm happy!

I sent Brooks' birthday present home with Mom. Wish I could give it to him myself!

Love you!

Nancy Hood said...

your mantel is NOT looking bad! I'd add a topiary to each side of the pic and pull the candlesticks into the painted area. Whatcha gonna do with it?

The Epps Family said...

Hey! Did you prep the space above your mantel with a tinted primer first? If not, then your problem is not with the deep red semigloss paint. In order to cover well, you have to have your primer tinted the base color of the red and paint with that first. Then two coats of paint should do nicely! A flat latex paint will very likely peel right off the top of your semi-gloss-- so you might be better off getting a tinted primer, going over the semi with that, then one more coat of semi. This will give you your rich red with no flaws!!

Anonymous said...

I love the curtains and the tassels are my favortie too. I love the colors they fit your personality. Emmy

Tammy said...

You have great deco skills!! Looking at your room is inspiring me to try to do something with mine. I have a lot of work to do!