Monday, September 15, 2008

More decorating ideas from me

OK, so I am SO not a decorator, but I do come up with ideas occasionally that I really like. Usually I just end up "borrowing" ideas from everyone else! HA!

I love the abstractness of old window panes. But, these needed something to give them some kind of interest. I had always envisioned putting 8X10's in the panes, but who has that many, and there aren't many cameras that aren't professional that will put out one that large (and not look blurry). So, I decided to just put random pics of the kids in there. It gives me a chance to display some of my favorite pics I have of the kiddos!

As you can see, I have devoted our spare bath to the kids - and I love it. I have also used a b/w theme for the photos - but the colors are blue and brown.
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Jenny said...

What a great idea!

Nancy Hood said...

I'm liking this too! and there's a comment under Leigh Graham's blog saying someone else is coming to the par-tay!!

Three plus Me said...

Love this idea! I've painted old windows and sold them before and I have one special window left, it's from my grandma's childhood home. I had thought of the 8x10's too, but I like the look of the smaller photos too. Thanks for sharing!

Lerra said...

I love old window frames! I've been trying to think of something to do with one in my house. I don't exactly have any wall space left, so I would have to take something down first. :-)

Louise said...

I love this!! I might have to borrow this from you!! And it might give me something to blog about!! :)