Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reed is settled in his new barn

The month of September was absolutely crazy at our house.

It started out with consignment sale (both working and shopping). Then I worked extra days this month; many extra days. All this time accompanied by a wicked toothache followed by horrific lingual ulcers, causing me close to 3 weeks of mouth pain. Then we moved Reed to a new barn, and we are having a baby shower at our house tomorrow.

I took pictures of Reed this morning. My camera lens has been in the shop getting repaired. I am so glad to have it back! It really takes better pictures than the one that came with my camera. Then, Kate wanted her picture taken, too, which I am only too happy to do! I also didn't realize that Reed's halter was so big on him! Of course it had to be purple - Kate's favorite color.

WE are happy and thankful to have Reed so close to our home again. God really blessed us in being able to move him to this new barn. I hope that this is his last barn to move to.

I'll have more pictures from the shower to post after tomorrow.
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Nancy said...

what a beautiful piece of horseflesh! and I love the purple :) glad you got him closer to home!