Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby shower

Sandy's shower was at our house today. Leading up to today, yesterday while Scott was weed eating, a rock shot out and broke our storm door glass into 1,000,000 pieces. That put a little hamper into preparations. We managed to get the house ready, at the expense of being unable to watch the UGA/LSU game at the Hunt's house.

Here are some before pictures. I didn't take any afterwards, because my memory card was full.

I placed 2 small vases of zenias on the mantle, tied with pale blue ribbons.

Here is the arrangement that I had on the food table. All the flowers were from my boss's flower garden - she has the greenest thumb in town. The arrangement has hydrangeas, rosemary, zenias, grapevine, elephant ears and vinca like flowers. It looked pretty good for my first attempt EVER at arranging flowers. Notice my prized punch bowl to the right... and let me tell you... that punch just looked outstanding in it! :)

Closer picture of the flowers.

Here is the decoration for the front door. The bow was simple wired ribbon, and I hung a pair of crocheted booties with blue ribbon detail from the center. Do you recognize these, Ms. Donna? :) Kate wore these, but with pink ribbons, of course...

There is nothing like an event at your home to get you in gear to get your house cleaned up!
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Donna said...

Hi Kristi, What a cute idea for a door decoration! Glad you could use the booties again. And the flower arrangement looks wonderful. So nice of your boss to let you cut them.
Love ya,
Ms. Donna

Nancy said...

how sweet of you to do this for her and I know everyone enjoyed themselves! loved the booties!!

Nishant said...

So nice of your boss to let you cut them.
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