Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 38th Birthday!

1. I love how you put God first in our marriage.
2. I love how you put God first in our family.
3. My favorite thing about you is your smile.
4. I love how your smile is always on every time you come home!
5. I love to see you play with our kids when you get home, most of the time before you even sit down for dinner.
6. It makes me laugh how sentimental you are about Rudy. Just like me.
7. I am thankful that we agree with parenting styles.
8. Thank you for working so hard to support me through Vet School.
9. One of my favorite memories is you texting me "333" on clinics.
10. I love how much you make me laugh!
11. You have made me a better person by teaching me how to finish arguments.
12. I am proud of the hard work you do, and the pride you take in it.
13. I love that you love your job and your customers so much.
14. I love hearing people ask me, "Is he always in a good mood?" or "Does he have any brothers?"
15. Your frugality is rivaled only by my own.
16. Who can forget your waking up from anesthesia?
17. I admire your love of reading.
18. Even though you aren't that handy, I appreciate it when you try.
19. Thank you for always supporting me in everything, especially the kids.
20. The word "divorce" is never spoken as an option in our marriage.
21. I love how you tell me you love me in church every Sunday.
22. I love how much Brooks looks like you.
23. I love to see how much Kate and Brooks love you! (really, I do)
24. I love that our kids have at least one "cool" parent, and you can be silly with them.
25. Did I know that your favorite KK doughnut is "Raspberry filled"?
26. I love our home and the tone that you help create.
27. I love that you are smarter than me at word games... "Name a word that starts with Cr..."
28. I love that you sing in church even though you can't.
29. I am grateful for the example you set in church for our children.
30. I am THANKFUL that your (and my) priority is our family's salvation.
31. You are 100% red blooded American man. I wouldn't want you any other way.
32. I love watching you swimming.
33. I am proud of how much you worked with the Bible Bowl teams. You take responsibility seriously and do your best.
34. P.A.T. the bowling ball.
35. "Patel".... (need I say more)
36. I miss watching you play tennis.
37. Your dedication to the GA Dawgs makes me smile!
38. Thank you for loving me.

I hope your day is wonderful! We love you so much, Daddy!
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Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Scott! Wow you are really old!

Anonymous said...

We love him too!

Aunt J

angie said...

Happy Birthday Scott. I hate that I forgot to send a card in the mail. Try to forgive me.

Lerra said...

Happy birthday Scott!!!
{BTW, Baron will be 38 this year too...I didn't realize they were the same age.}

Patrice said...

Happy Birthday little brother. I love you soooo much!!

Okay, Kristi, you really made me cry with all the things you wrote about Scott. They are all so true.

Nancy said...

what a beautiful tribute :)