Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fun weekend

This week, the kids went to Mobile to visit Gran Gran and Paw Paw. They are having the best time in the swimming pool! I can't wait to see them tomorrow after church (although, ask me tomorrow night when these tired children come home! HA!)

So, I had Friday..... ALL TO MYSELF!!! I had the very best day. Got the house straight, watched Wimbledon (Go Roddick!), went to a flea market in Wetumpka, then Scott and I went shopping when he got off work.

Saturday, we got up early, (Yeah, when that alarm clock went off - WHAT were we thinking?!) and headed flea market shopping towards the B'ham area. Actually, we ended up hitting more thrift stores than flea markets, but it was a fun day anyway. We got to eat lunch with Rick and Brooke, and stopped by their house and saw the fabulous job Rick has done with their master bath.

So, pictures below are the treasures from this trip:

1. A delicate teacup and saucer with an "E" scripted across the side. For my mother! I posed it atop my cake plate, which I love and got from TJMaxx last summer.

2. The cutest small chair. See how beat up the paint is? I LOVE IT. This is my favorite look. So, I was thinking I will use it as a side table in the guest bedroom. What do you think? The height is perfect. Both Scott and I were thinking, "Uh, is it sturdy enough if one of the kids crawls up on it?"

Beautiful teacup.

Great chair!

Now, that is some character!
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Donna said...

Hi Kristi, The cup and chair are great. Ellen will love coffee from that cup in the mornings.And the chair looks like it has already had it's share of kids crawl on it and it's still here. If the legs are on securely, it will be ok. Get the master carpenter, Tommy, to check it out.Glad you had a great week end.
Ms. Donna