Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday funnies

Well, after a drought of funny client stories, we have had a run lately:

1. I was talking to a client today and instructing him on medications for his dog. The was giving 1 pill once a day, and I wanted him to start giving his dog 1 pill every other day. So, his reply: "OK, so that means every 2-3 days?". Um, no. Every-other-day. "Oh! You mean every 4 days?". No. EVERY OTHER DAY. As in: Give 1 pill on Wednesday, then 1 pill on Friday, then 1 pill on Sunday... and so on. Sheesh.

2. 2 of my technicians were wounded today. One was by a cat that screamed like a woman having her arm cut off. The other one got on the lid opening a Vienna sausage can.

Busy day. We got many projects finished around the house this weekend. Including finally getting our french doors ordered. And, a grill! Haven't had a grill in over 4 years. I'll update with pictures when I get the house more straightened up... :)


Lerra said...

We still don't have a grill!! I promise we're southern. :-)

Laura said...

We got a new grill today too! Our old one died. : (

Did you read my blog about the vet's assistant who asked me if my 4.3 lb. dog could possibly have been hit by a car? I am still laughing...apparently, vet's offices can be pretty comical places!

The Hester Family said...

"a cat that screamed like a woman" ... that cat must be a long lost relative of Dro's.

Nancy said...

number one slayed me!! I love your stories, girlfriend!