Sunday, January 25, 2009

We went car hunting again this weekend but still have Bullet. We found one we liked, but the salesman wouldn't come off the price enough. So, we still look! I liked it, but it was fine to leave it there. It was good not to be disappointed.

On a funny note: *attention*

All you mothers of little boys: click here for a hilarious story about little boys from my cousin, Ashley. You won't be diappointed.


T. Brodie said...

I greatly admire your patience! We definitely did not have the time nor patience in finding a car. Well, we really had no other choice. Chris' is dead at his boss' hunting land. We got one yesterday! Good luck still!

Patrice said...

I loved your cousins story about the bathroom issue. I have heard many stories like that from my college friends who have boys.

Lerra said...

Have you been to Pigg Enterprises in Prattville? They don't have a huge selection, but if you tell them what you're looking for, they'll look for it the next time they go to auction. That's how we got our car. Just a thought. :-) Good luck!