Friday, January 9, 2009

Catch up

Guess I am overdue for an update on us... :)

I am thankful that the holidays are finished. I love them while they are here, but I am thrilled when they are gone. I am a creature of habit and very schedule oriented. I was ready to get back into our regular routine.

Brooks has bounced back wonderfully from RSV. Kate, if she had it, was bothered very little. My sore throat from last week turned into a sinus infection. I started antibiotics on Monday and fell oh so much better. Scott managed to steer clear, thankfully.

Things have slowed down at UPS. While they are still busy, Scott has managed to get home a few nights before 7:30. There is still a possibility that he will be working nights some during the months of January and February because of low volume. But, at least this week, the volume was higher than expected. Thankfully.

Work has been so incredibly busy. I have been just worn out when finishing the day. But, it's been great. I am still working 2 days a week, but will work some extra days in February so my boss can go travel some more. Extra money is always nice.

Speaking of extra money, we are looking into buying another car. Notice I didn't say a new car. :) Bullet is really showing it's wear over the last few months, and it's taken us a few months to get used to the idea of having a car payment again. I hate car payments! So, the plan is to get this "new to us" car paid off as soon as we can. It is exciting to be looking, and we are being patient to find just what we want.

I was made the secretary/treasurer for our local veterinary association for the 2009 year. It is a good time for me, since I work part-time. There is a good bit of organizing that needs to be done, and I'm just the obsessive organizer for the job! HA! No kidding, I get a little obsessive about organizing paperwork. Blue and I spent an hour at the bank this morning to get account information updated, and the kids were pretty good, considering.

On an EXTREME side note, my cat Mousey has started sleeping with me when I get a nap. It is my favorite thing about a cat.

I guess that's all for now. You are officially caught up. I'm going to get back into watching our kids play hide-n-go-seek with Scott. I'm not sure which is having more fun!?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on being the secretary/treasurer! That's awesome!

Laura said...

I have some unsolicited advice for you about the car payment...start making the payment now. Put back what you expect to pay each month into a 'car fund envelope' and you will be that much farther ahead when you do find your next "Bullet"! It makes the car payment less scary if you have a little extra hidden away just in case things should get tight. It helps us tremendously. That is Dave Ramsey FPU logic! Gotta love that envelope system! (smile) Congratulations on the accountant/treasurer job! Have fun with those babies and hubby!

Hailey said...

So glad UPS has slowed down. The hubs was going to work at 3 am. Super busy!