Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For the love of a child...

(I copied this from Nancy. It melted my heart.)

Just for one day, one moment even, if I could just hold her in my arms again.

Just to feel her short legs, ripe with baby fat, wrap around my waist.
To have her soft curly hair brush against my face, as she nuzzles closer to my neck,
and I smell that milky breath that, to this day, I know in my dreams.
To have her pull closer to our hearts, that are merely separated by the clothes we wear,
and to know that she is already learning to love.
I sing and murmur love songs that will lull her into a place known as Sleepy Town,
where best friends are known to have long ears, worn coats and sometimes are missing an eye, or a leg.

Maybe this is our saving grace.

Our memories.

To right, some of these times we were too impatient, too busy, too absent.
Maybe these times of rocking chairs, lullabies, stolen kisses on the eyelids and nuzzle of the neck,
these memories take hold, and we savor them.
And wish, oh how we wish, we could have them once more.

Just. One. More. Time.

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Laura said...

So true. I am just in a puddle. Such sweet and precious memories. (sigh)

Nancy said...

What a way to boost me, girlfriend! I wish I could have used a baby picture of Jen, but we don't have a scanner :(
Thank you for sharing, mothers everywhere can connect with these feelings.
AND I love the 'cuppiecakes' background!!

Lerra said...

I don't even have a kid & I'm tearing up! :-)

Donna said...

All this is so true. You never loose the Mother's ear that allows you to hear a baby roll over in bed even though he is down the hall, or when you have to suddenly put on breaks in traffic and you put your arm across them to hold them safely, even when they are 30 yrs. old, or it's a WalMart bag in the seat. This job is for life.
Love ya, Ms. Donna

The Epps Family said...

Brings a tear to my eye as at this moment, my last baby is growing up before my eyes.