Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stuffed animal practice

When I walked into the door at the clinic on Thursday, here is what I was greeted with:

"Dr. Busby - this dog here is in renal failure. He is on maintenance fluids. This dog here on is in a coma... has been since it came in seizing yesterday and got the seizures stopped. We found this dog dead this morning (Dr. B had removed a cancerous spleen on Tues) and I don't know if the owners have been called. Just so you know, they are going to flip out. I have a dog sedated on the table for xrays - HBC (hit by car). The owner needs to be called as soon as we find out something. There is another emergency on the way. The owner found the dog this morning just laying in the yard."

Appointments started in 15 minutes.

Well that sums up the day on Thursday and Friday. You know, the days that you feel like you are swimming, just trying to keep your head above water to keep from drowning? I went to bed both nights at 9pm.

On a lighter note, I performed my first operation on a stuffed animal. Kate's "Bear" had a mouth that had been picked at so much that it was in need of some surgical intervention. Mama worked hard on his mouth and it looks better than it did to begin with! I just have to say, that in all my years (so far) of practice - it was great to see my daughter's face when her stuffed animal was fixed.

I think I need to go into stuffed animal practice.


Mimi said...

So glad that Bear is fixed and Kate is delighted! She does LOVE that Bear! And I know you did an excellent job transforming that mouth! Good job, Dr. Busby!!! :)

Louise said...

Your layout is so pretty!! And good job on the bear!!

The Epps Family said...

Woah! What a day. Love your new layout!