Friday, August 8, 2008

Consignment sales are coming

I am very excited about the upcoming consignment sales. I am working this one like I did in the spring, because I got the chance to get some incredible deals EARLY! My computer has been very difficult in letting me get my items for sale registered, but I finally completed that task today. Now I am busy pinning tags, applying masking tape and hanging on hangers (I have already gotten the clothing ironed).

Yeah, so Wednesday night Brooks fell face first in the ladies restroom at church and chipped both of his front upper teeth. He was crying and I was crying. I just couldn't believe it happened - especially on "my watch". Well, I got him calmed down, took him to class, taught the 2's class, then loaded the kids to take them home. I called Scott on the way home and told him about what happened, and there I went again - crying all the way home.

You know, all I could think about was:
  • At least it's his baby teeth
  • What are his kindergarten graduation pictures going to look like?
  • They really aren't chipped that badly, but with little teeth, a little chip goes a long way
  • I can't believe that it happened
I have gotten 1 estimate for Bullet - right at $1,750.00. Yikes. I can't believe how much it costs to repair cars. It seems extravagant to me. But, oh well.


Leslie said...

Poor Brooks! I feel your pain. We see this all the time in our office. Watch for inflammation around the teeth, and for them to change to gray. Hopefully, he just chipped them a little and no damage is done!

Sorry to get all professional on you, but just trying to help!

Leslie said...

Don't worry! Most likely if he just slightly chipped the teeth then all will be ok. Sometimes when a child makes a fall he can "bruise" the nerve even though the pulp is not exposed. An outward sign of this is when the tooth starts to turn gray. This can happen slowly. Most of the time we just wait for the child to loose the tooth naturally.

As long as the teeth are not loose I would just monitor him for any changes like this. I would mention it to the peditrician or dentist next visit so they can make note of it as well.

Hopefully this is helpful to you.

Three plus Me said...

Sorry about the teeth!

Are you doing Kids Car. again? I just took a car load there on Friday.

kari and kijsa said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and wonderfully kind comments during this difficult time. Every word made and is making a difference as we begin this new journey.

Thank you so much for your words of comfort and blessing,
kari & kijsa

The Epps Family said...

I plan to check some of these out, too! I hear there are a lot in our area.

Sarah said...

Oh my word! I am just catching up on your blogs because I have been so busy. Then I got to the part where Brooks chipped his teeth. Poor Poor YOU!!! I am sure Brooks couldn't care less what he teeth look like, but oh my goodness I have mommy anxiety as I type. How are you doing with that? I know it has been a few days by now...has the shock left you? I completely sympathize, I would be crying my eyes out as well!! ((hugs)) for you. Wish I could've given you a real hug! A cyber blog one will have to do!