Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally it's Friday!

This week at work was much smoother than last. I had a major surgery today - a Min Pin was attacked by a Pitt Bull last night. He had an inguinal hernia about the size of a lemon (he weighs only 13.5 pounds) with 1/3 of his intestines protruding from the hole under the skin of his right side. It took me almost 1 1 /2 hours in surgery to get it closed. I give him a 50/50 chance of making it - if he is alive tomorrow afternoon I'll be much more optimistic.

I just finished (literally, about 5 minutes ago) my most recent book: Chosen by a Horse. Scott picked it up for me and it was a good read, slow at first but I could hardly put it down at the end. I just cried and cried at the end. I needed a good cry. I have been feeling like I've needed one all week - and it felt good.

I am working all day at the consignment sale. This is my last shift. I have made over $170.00 so I am pleased. It will go back into the pot to pay for the clothing I already purchased!


Melissa Lester said...

Wow, that is better than I have ever done at a consignment sale! Good for you, and I hope the total keeps going up and up.

Leah said...

YAY for the $$!!

Everybody needs a good cry once in a while! :)

Kristen said...

I remember once when I made about that much. I felt like celebrating, because it hardly ever happens that way! Which sale have you been working at?