Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boring... finally...

(For those from UCofC - has anyone else seen Sonny and Shannon's blog? The pic of Sonny is worth checking out...)

After 2 marathon days at work, and working at the consignment sale on Sat, I was EXHAUSTED. Kate didn't feel good on Sat AM, and had a very low grade fever. By that night, it was almost 101 degrees. So, she and I stayed home on Sunday. I think I slept a combined 5 hours between 2 naps - and still went to bed at 9:30pm that night and slept all night! I think I was overdue for some sleep!

Kate is much better now. We even managed to get out of a visit to the doctor - at least for now.

2 funnies for you:

  1. Bullet is at the body shop. Dr. B is letting me drive her Pacifica while Bullet is in the shop. This morning (Brooks was already in bed when I got home last night) Brooks noticed that Bullet wasn't in the carport. He kept saying, "Bullet?" I told him that Bullet was getting fixed at the shop, and we were using Dr. B's truck. He looked outside and said, "Pretty"
  2. Back to my food funnies: Brooks asked for some yogurt covered raisins. When I said OK, he ran to the cabinet where the Tupperware stays - and you guessed it... there were no bowls! So what did he grab?........... A bread loaf pan! Talk about a big bowl!

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Mimi said...

How cute of Brooks!! He does love the cars, doesn't he? Speaking of loves, I really like your new format on here. It is so pretty, and SO you!! Hope you all can rest and take it easy today, as I plan to do the same!!