Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scents that bring back a memory...

One of my favorite things to experience is when a scent brings back a memory. Look at this beautiful bowl of black eyed peas (pre-cooked that is). When they were cooking, the aroma was so fragrant - just like Grandmama's kitchen when we stayed with her during the summer. I just loved the memory it evoked!
Here are some other scents that bring back memories for me:
  1. There is a specific lotion that I used with both of our kids, and I kept a small trial size of it. When I smell it, I am returned to when they were babies.
  2. My horses mane. It reminds me what it was like growing up at the barn.
  3. Adams flea shampoo. It reminds me of my first dog.
  4. A baby's head. Need I say more.
  5. I have another face lotion that Tammy brought me when I was in the hospital before Kate was born. When I smell it, I remember those long days.
  6. Ivory soap reminds me of Grandmama.
  7. Este Lauder's Pleasures perfume reminds me of Nana. It was her favorite.
  8. My favorite scents from the clinic are the autoclave just after opening it, and BKT ear ointment (don't even ask).
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Louise said...

I love scents that bring memories!!! The ones about the animals though crack me up!!! :) Good luck this weekend!!!