Monday, August 15, 2011

The Busby Inn is open

2 weekends ago we hosted a great group of kids who were attending SEC (Southeastern Evangelical Conference) - this is them pictured above.
At first, we were asked to host 15! Now, they came prepared with sleeping bags, but I was wondering... do I even have 15 towels???
When it came down to it, the girls talked their youth minister into letting them stay in a hotel! :) That is so funny to me. They were worried about being able to get ready on time! So, we kept the 4 boys: Michael, Sam, Paco and Dakota, and the men chaperones Andy and Mike. It was so fun keeping the boys here. Brooks was thrilled to have someone to play the Wii with (although it didn't last long enough).
All the youth group came over Saturday night because the girls wanted to be able to meet Kate (she was a little sad that there were only boys that stayed with us). Thank you to the group for being thoughtful enough for you to all come and visit!
Augusta Road CofC, we can't wait to host you again next year! And, neither can Mally and Mousie!

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