Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finders keepers?

2 weeks ago, I got the remainder of a cash payment for my camera. Being busy at the time (and this is typical for me), I laid the cash on top of a dresser and figured I'd worry about it later.

Today, I was needing part of that money to pay our babysitter. But, it wasn't there. I asked Scott about it, and he hadn't seen it. We looked all over the house. I really figured that it got put into some random drawer, and years from now we would be "surprised" with finding it.

On a whim, Scott asked Kate if he could check her bank. This child is a saver like I am. I would save Halloween candy for months later, usually not ever eating all of it. Kate is my clone, remember? She saves all her money and counts it regularly. In fact, she counted it 2 days ago, carefully sorting pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters into different cups.... (and she had the bills in the bank - did I ever look at them? Why, no.)

I digress. Scott opened Kate's bank, and we pulled out the bills, and... well, let's just say there was more money than any 6 year old should have in her bank, regardless of how she saves. We asked her if she "found" any money around the house, and she promptly pointed to the dresser.

We were relieved to have found the money! :) And, we had a talk with her that finders keepers isn't necessarily true in the Busby home.

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Pa said...

Kate is a special little girl that is growing up so fast. I'm so glad we are able to watch her grow up.