Sunday, May 22, 2011

Granddaddy's legacy

Today was a good day.
We celebrated our love for Granddaddy and his love for us.
We started the day with attending services in Fort Deposit. Their building is so pretty since it has been remodeled. It still had that hint of the older one - just much prettier. It was so nice to have the family together this morning. Grandmama looked good, but tired.
After church we had a great lunch provided by the ladies at the church. The kids got to run and play in the fellowship hall - and it was good for them. The cousins visited and caught up. Paige worked a tribute of the memories of us and Granddaddy, which when read was just perfect.
There were many people at the building. There were happy tears shed! Stan Foster lead the singing. I like congregational singing at funerals. Uncle Tommy read his obituary, and we as grandchildren went up front and gave our love. Raymond Elliott spoke the main portion of the service, and spoke as a true friend of Granddaddy. He also read the article I wrote of Granddaddy and Grandmama in Donnie Hilliard's magazine - which got many laughs and lightened the service. Graveside was short because of the heat.
Being back at their house was great. Like I have written before - their home is just home to me. I love the way it smells. I love the sounds that come from it. They were all so familiar. It felt good to be there, even though Granddaddy was not. In presence, that is. It still felt like he was. I wish he were. But, it is OK.
I wish that everyone could say goodbye to their loved one KNOWING that they are in Heaven. It makes these difficult times so much easier. I have thought so often these past few days of the family he is seeing: his parents, his siblings. God's face.
What a day. Glorious day that will be.
The top 5 grandkids: Casey, me, Rick, Paige, Ashley

Some of the great-grands: Brooks, Todd, Kate, Kyle, Sophia

Todd and Kate

Sweet Caroline
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Leslie said...

Kristi, I am so sorry for your loss, but it is a little sweeter to know he is home in heaven.

Nancy said...

Bro. Elliott has posted a sweet tribute to your grandaddy on his Early Morning Meditations blogsite :)