Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Freezing cold at the pumkin patch

(click on the collage so you can see it in detail)

We visited the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch on Saturday and it was a total bust. It was incredibly cold. But, this stubborn mother learned her lesson... no matter what my plans are - if it is 50 degrees with winds at 15-20mph, my plans need to be changed.

Brooks was scared of the tractor and the helicopter, saying that both of them were too loud. He is so sensitive to loud noises - just like Scott. We stopped at Durbin Farms to eat our pack lunch inside, and I got the best pictures of the day then. We also got to take Jamie and Laura to the barn to meet Reed and Samson the donkey - they had a good time!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking for a special Christmas ornament?

I have decided to try my hand at selling Christmas ornaments this year. I love being crafty, but I don't like to have crafty clutter all over! So, the solution is to make things that I can give away, or better yet, sell. If you are interested in purchasing one, please visit my page at:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zoo fun

I never seem to post these in the right order... Here is a collage of some pictures and below is a more detailed description of our day.
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Fun at the Zoo

Look at these kids - they were SO EXCITED! We went to the zoo with our friends Jamie and Laura. They are experienced zoo goers and were able to really show us the ropes.

Being the animal purist that I am - I had a little hesitation about going... Many of the animals had really nice habitats - and some had areas that I felt could be so much better. But, I remember that hopefully these animals will bring awareness for children and adults about their preservation, and they sure don't lack for food - which their wild counterparts do.

The flamingos were so pretty - their wing tips had black feathers and their knees were pink!

Loved the giraffes the most. If I had my choise, they would be the ones I would work with.

The elephants were just beautiful. The baby that we saw at Thanksgiving last year is getting big. She was very playful. These guys are really hard on their area - there wasn't much grass.
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Monday, October 12, 2009


Kate asked me to take pictures of her tonight.

Scott and I are just so proud of the sweet girl she is.
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My beautiful girl

I am just so glad to have my camera lens back!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The best weekend ever

Scott called me from work on Friday, and you could tell by his voice that his day wasn't going all that well. I told the kids that we needed to make Daddy a special supper. So, that afternoon late I was getting things prepared: Parmesan chicken, lima beans, mac 'n' cheese and garlic bread. Scott got home early - pleasant surprise! I was only half way through making dinner, so he colored with the kids. I had a great CD playing, my house smelled like dinner (complete with candles) and I could watch the kids playing and laughing with Scott. It was the best EVER.

To totally top that off, Scott bought me roses.

Saturday, I replaced our shattered storm door with a new one - all by myself! :) Dad was coming over to do it for me, but I thought how fun it would be to have it finished before he got here. I almost did, lacking a few steps when he showed up. It felt great to do another project. Then I spent the afternoon shopping and getting a pedicure.

It feels great to have this week start off so great!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby shower

Sandy's shower was at our house today. Leading up to today, yesterday while Scott was weed eating, a rock shot out and broke our storm door glass into 1,000,000 pieces. That put a little hamper into preparations. We managed to get the house ready, at the expense of being unable to watch the UGA/LSU game at the Hunt's house.

Here are some before pictures. I didn't take any afterwards, because my memory card was full.

I placed 2 small vases of zenias on the mantle, tied with pale blue ribbons.

Here is the arrangement that I had on the food table. All the flowers were from my boss's flower garden - she has the greenest thumb in town. The arrangement has hydrangeas, rosemary, zenias, grapevine, elephant ears and vinca like flowers. It looked pretty good for my first attempt EVER at arranging flowers. Notice my prized punch bowl to the right... and let me tell you... that punch just looked outstanding in it! :)

Closer picture of the flowers.

Here is the decoration for the front door. The bow was simple wired ribbon, and I hung a pair of crocheted booties with blue ribbon detail from the center. Do you recognize these, Ms. Donna? :) Kate wore these, but with pink ribbons, of course...

There is nothing like an event at your home to get you in gear to get your house cleaned up!
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Sunday afternoon

The kids graciously allowed me to take a few pictures. This one cracked me up:

1. Brooks is doing his very typical Brooks face.
2. Kate looks like she is going to say something sweet to him, but if you look really close, she really might be about to push him into the bridge.
3. There is Bear. The Bear that was missing for 2 months, until Mimi found him in the toy box.
4. That dress she is wearing is WAY shorter in this picture than it looked when I put it on.
5. I have to say Brooks' face again.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Reed is settled in his new barn

The month of September was absolutely crazy at our house.

It started out with consignment sale (both working and shopping). Then I worked extra days this month; many extra days. All this time accompanied by a wicked toothache followed by horrific lingual ulcers, causing me close to 3 weeks of mouth pain. Then we moved Reed to a new barn, and we are having a baby shower at our house tomorrow.

I took pictures of Reed this morning. My camera lens has been in the shop getting repaired. I am so glad to have it back! It really takes better pictures than the one that came with my camera. Then, Kate wanted her picture taken, too, which I am only too happy to do! I also didn't realize that Reed's halter was so big on him! Of course it had to be purple - Kate's favorite color.

WE are happy and thankful to have Reed so close to our home again. God really blessed us in being able to move him to this new barn. I hope that this is his last barn to move to.

I'll have more pictures from the shower to post after tomorrow.
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