Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a week it has been

Well, for the few of you that still care about my blog... :)

The kids went to Mobile to see Scott's parents for the week. I had to work every day last week. It was a great time at work, and I got most of everything figured out... thankfully! The kids had such a great time, and Gran Gran and Paw Paw said they enjoyed them more this time than any other.

Of course, we are all exhausted. And, I mean all of us.

Today is our church Easter egg hunt. Brooks complained about his outfit being too small, to the point that I am glad I had a backup. Kate was great as usual - she loves her dress. I hope to take TONS of pictures today!!! I have been looking forward to a photo session for a while now!

I have had a wicked muscle cramp in my left shoulder since Sunday night. It has really been horrible. Just when that muscle started feeling better, another muscle started hurting. I have thought so many times over the last week how difficult it must be for people dealing with chronic pain. I hope it is something that I never have to deal with.

Our roof leaked again - in another place. We got torrential rains over the last few days. Our "creek" out back turned into a small river - literally. So, we will be caulking next week on our roof, I'm sure.

One more week and Scott's first vacation of the year will be here! We are ALL ready for that! :)


ICURIS said...

we still check your blog! :) sorry it's been a rough week. hope to see ya'll soon.


onedayinmyworld said...

Hey Kristie! I am still reading. I like the pictures and updates about your sweet kiddos.:):)

Ree A. Clark:)