Monday, March 9, 2009

Thank you Ms. Donna!

A longtime friend of my Mom's, Ms. Donna, made me and Kate these adorable hat/scarve combos! She has one of her own and thought it would be nice for us to wear to the barn when the weather is cold. As you can see, we love them, and though we may not get to use them this year, we'll have them ready for next year. Ms. Donna is so talented - she just looked at a smaller one and made one for me a larger size. Isn't the knitting beautiful?

When this cute bow came in the mail, I had no idea where it came from! She had it sent to us for Kate. Isn't it adorable with the horse on the inside? There are so many colors in it - it matches many different outfits. We have been wearing it with her hair in a ponytail.

Thank you, Ms. Donna, for being so thoughtful of us!
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Donna said...

Thanks Kristi for being so thoughtful!! You made my week. I love making things for the kids. My granddaughter is 16 now(!!). All grown up and wears John Deere t shirts. Nothing girly there. But how could I resist that bow. Everytime I see a picture of Kate she has on a bow.So cute. Hope the scarves will come in handy. We may have a cold morning still. Wear it to the barn to see Reed.Love you guys!!!!
Ms. Donna

Kristi said...

You are famous, now! I thought that you would like to see us wearing our scarves. They are so warm!

The kids and I were at the barn on Saturday and riding Reed bareback, with a halter/leadrope, and the kids were taking turns riding with me. It was great.

You have been so sweet to think of us. We love you, too!

Melissa Lester said...

Of course, that bow would be perfect for a ponytail! So sweet, and your pictures of the kids are precious. I'm so eager for everything to get green again, so we'll have more opportunities for pretty spring pictures.