Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lotsa Wrinkles = Big Dog?

Yesterday, I had a client ask me:

"Can you see all the skin on this puppy? I guess that means it will be a big dog - it's got a lot of skin to grow into!"

Another older couple was there. They are just a hoot. After finishing their appt, Mr. S couldn't find his phone. He came back inside and asked for help finding it.

I suggested we call his phone, so we could hear it ringing. When I did, they said it was "outside" - and I went out to help them. The wife kept hearing it ringing behind her. Right behind her.

His phone was in her purse. She kept hearing it behind her... her purse was on her shoulder.



Louise said...

All of your stories just have to make you wonder about people!!! :) They are all so funny!!

Lerra said...

Oh my goodness, that is too funny!

Donna said...

Lots of wrinkles,,,I"m still growing into my skin too.
Ms. Donna

Lana said...

You should write a book! So many adventures in the vet office!