Saturday, February 28, 2009

An eventful weekend

I attended a conference this weekend in Birmingham. It was great - I learned so much! I told Scott, it's amazing how much I have forgotten since being in school. You get so used to the routine things you see, and then you are at a loss when you see something different. I do this at every CE; I think of all the patients that I wish I could have tried something on, thought of something different.

Now, let me tell you ALL the things that went wrong this weekend. Honestly, I started a mental list - they were getting quite numerous.
  • First, I never got a schedule of lecture times. Plus, it never OCCURRED to me that I needed to (yep - last week was a long week). So, after getting up early and arriving in B'ham at 9:30am, I found out that lectures didn't start until 6pm.
  • Great. I had 8 hours to kill.
  • That morning, my sister-in-law called to tell me that she thought my brother had a 24hr stomach virus. And, I am supposed to stay with them. And, I hate to throw up. I mean, really hate it. So, I decide that I will come home that night and drive back on Sat.
  • So, in an effort to avoid their house, I decided to hit some flea markets that Scott and I visited during our trip last August.
  • That was fun, except it rained HARD all day long.
  • I didn't bring an umbrella.
  • I got a headache that afternoon. Did I bring Advil? NOPE. I brought Reglan (for vomiting) and Allerchlor (for allergies). And, that was it.
  • Stopped at the gas station. (2) Advil cost $1.30. What a rip off.
  • Almost got a hotel. Sucked it up and went to Rick's house.
  • Decided that since lecture wouldn't end until 9pm, I should spend the night after all. Am I really going to drive home at 9pm?
  • Didn't pack any clothes. Didn't bring my birth control. Didn't bring a toothbrush.
  • Scott decides that he will bring him self and the kids up, with my essentials, so that we could all spend the night.
  • Remember that I didn't have to be in B'ham until 6pm? Scott took a sick day to watch the kids on Friday. Yep. A sick day that got wasted.
  • So, he gets there. I take Lightning to the conference (it was parked behind the truck). Scott says he will just spend the night.
  • Then, we remember that the dogs are at home and will have to GO POTTY. So, I go back to switch out the vehicles so they can drive home.
  • Scott and kids get home about 10:45pm. He drove home after 9pm (just like I didn't want to do).
  • He forgot to pack my pajamas.
  • I slept in a tee shirt and corduroy pants.

Saturday was fine. Nothing went "wrong"! :) We did have a great visit with Rick and Brooke. Rick was feeling much better by Friday night. And, I consider myself a bit smarter today! :)


ICURIS said...

AND you left your hairspray and hairbrush and comb here! we'll have them stored for the next time we see ya'll.


sweeter and the bubbas said...

Are we gong to have another little Busby baby soon, then? LOL!! Funny story. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, though!!