Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Reed!

We bought Reed on September 26, 1988. Man, that seems like forever ago! I have owned him for 23 years now. He is showing his age more now, but still looks pretty good for an older boy. I took some pictures of him tonight, since it is finally cooler and he isn't sweating so much! I just love this boy. Scott says when he finally "kicks the bucket" that he is moving out of the house for a while because I will be a hysterical wreck. Let's hope not....

See how his left nostril is higher than his right? He was kicked in the nose as a yearling and was sick afterwards - and a previous owner thinks that is why is nostrils are uneven.

He has the most beautiful brown eyes...

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Martha Stewart eggs...

A client (whose daughter is a good friend of mine) brought me a dozen eggs from her chickens when I spayed her dog last week. Honestly, they are so pretty that I don't want to cook them! We love the blue ones and the speckled ones the best. We haven't brought ourselves to cook the prettiest one! :) (see Kate holding it below)

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Goodbye to Mrs. Presley

Kate has had 2 teachers so far this year: Ms. Knott and Mrs. Presley. Mrs. Presley was doing an 8 week internship with the class, and this is her last week. Kate just loves her - in fact this is the new order: Mrs. Presley, Ms. Knott, Mama. Honestly. Kate has already made 2 cards for her. We know that she will make a fantastic teacher!

Now: look at these 2 pictures. Above - Mrs. Presley. Below - my Sister, Casey. They look so much alike, it is uncanny to me. They say you have a twin somewhere! They are both beautiful ladies!

(Casey with Caroline)
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are you getting tired of pictures yet?

Look how beautiful the water is behind Kate....

Scott thought these bird footprints looked like stingrays - very good!

The water just sparkled!
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Some favorites from our weekend

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More pictures

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More pictures

I love these freckles!

I am totally disappointed that this one isn't in focus. I wanted the kids sharp, not the sand, dear camera.

The wind was really blowing last night - see her dress sleeve? It looked like this the entire time.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The real Fort Morgan

Our cousin, Neva, graciously let us use her house at Gulf Shores for a quick weekend getaway. It has been fantastic! The kids loved their morning at the beach, we all got a touch of sun, and I have more pictures to come... We are having a great time!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Brag on Brooks

Brooks has been such a good boy lately. He not only has adjusted well to Kate being in school, but he has been so much better with his manners! For the most part, when I ask him to do something (like go change his clothes for the day), he answers, "Yes, Ma'am!" with a smile. Kate has been doing this for a while, and Brooks is really picking this up. Of course, we pour it on thick with praise when he does it. :) And, he eats it up... :)

Kate is still loving school. She is progressing well. The only thing that she is still having trouble with is writing her name in lower case letters. She still refuses to try writing it at home. Her teacher says it will come.

The animals are doing well. Mally has been doing much better with her housebreaking. I treated her heartworms again this month, and she let me do this by myself at home. She is a good girl. Last night, I forgot to let Sara the dog back inside before we went to church. We were surprised to find her outside when we drove up after church! I was glad she is a good girl and stayed at home.

We are ready for some cooler weather, I think. But, I don't like to have the cold weather here for long. I don't want the summer to be over - but there is nothing I can do about that! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football season is here!!!!

I can't believe my fortune to have found both of these outfits at the consignment sale this year. It is rare for me to have our kids dressed alike, because I rarely buy their clothes new. I take what I can get used. I would have some UGA outfits if there were here to be bought, but AU is fine with me!

Both of them are getting better about pictures - especially Brooks! Yay!

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