Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goodbye to Mrs. Presley

Kate has had 2 teachers so far this year: Ms. Knott and Mrs. Presley. Mrs. Presley was doing an 8 week internship with the class, and this is her last week. Kate just loves her - in fact this is the new order: Mrs. Presley, Ms. Knott, Mama. Honestly. Kate has already made 2 cards for her. We know that she will make a fantastic teacher!

Now: look at these 2 pictures. Above - Mrs. Presley. Below - my Sister, Casey. They look so much alike, it is uncanny to me. They say you have a twin somewhere! They are both beautiful ladies!

(Casey with Caroline)
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Casey Hester said...

Wow - my twin! Sophia is the same way about her teachers at school - sometimes she gets so torn up when it's time go and she does not want to leave.

Donna said...

Very cute pic of Casey and Caroline.se