Friday, December 3, 2010


Well, I got Adobe Photoshop Elements. To say it is not user friendly is an understatement. I am working on it, but wow! it is difficult. I am excited to learn something new, but I have always done so much better with a teacher than learning on my own.

This is an old update - but Reed is doing so great now! There is a large defect growing out of his hoof where an abscess ruptured. When I put him out tonight he took off across the pasture - bucking all the way! :)

I hope that Scott will get to work more on the deck tomorrow - if his help is able to come. I hope so. And, the SEC Championship game is tomorrow... War Eagle!

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Rebecca said...

I agree that it is not user friendly!! I downloaded some of the Pioneer Woman's actions for elements. When you use those actions, it makes the enhancements for you!