Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tears from everyone

Today has been a hard day.

It started this way: 7 minutes prior to the alarm going off, Brooks is YELLING to Kate across the living room. There are 2 problems with this scenario: 1. Brooks is yelling, and 2. I just HATE being awakened just prior to getting up. I know it is childish, but it is what it is. So, I started out grumpy.

We were going to the barn this morning to get Reed ready for Shelby to visit. Shelby goes to church with us, and she is as horse crazy as I was at her age (I think she's 9). We got Reed up from the pasture and gave him a good bath. After getting him into the barn to dry off, the kids headed over to the play area (an older slide, plastic horse, etc.) while I talked to Mrs. Pittman. I heard some crying, and at first thought it was Brooks. But it was Kate. She got stung by something - which she thinks was a bee (she said she heard it buzzing).

I got her home and gave her Benadryl, but soon her eyes started swelling and she began to scratch herself intensely all over. We went to my doctor's office (it is 10 minutes from home, versus 30 minutes to her pediatrician) and they saw us immediately. At this point, her entire body was covered in hives and welts, and her legs were so very red. She got 2 epinephrine shots, oral benadryl and oral prednisolone, and an hour later we were allowed to leave, with a script for an epi pen.

So, after all the drama, we had to postpone Shelby's trip until tomorrow.

We went to Chickalay for lunch. That is when Brooks started to cry. Every time he took a bite of food he said his mouth hurt. He fell this past Saturday and hit the window casing, and I have not been able to get a good look inside his mouth to see if a tooth was hurt, or if he bit his mouth. So, we headed by the office - which, of course, was CLOSED for lunch. With both kids nodding off, I headed home for everyone to take a nap.

When Brooks woke up, he asked for his staple "Smiles" from Walmart - gummy treats. He immediately starts crying when he ate the first one, so I called the dentist and they said to come over. So, here we go again. They got us seen pretty fast, and THANKFULLY there is nothing wrong. I have no idea why it hurts to chew, but they x-rayed his mouth and and examined it, and it was fine.

So, after making stops at Target and the drug store to pick up Kate's script of pred for the next week, we made it back home. I stopped by the neighbors house who is a teacher at the school where Kate will be in a few weeks... (A FEW WEEKS!). Anyway, I got the list of school supplies from her, and was talking about their schedule, etc, and just STARTED CRYING AGAIN at the fact that Kate is going to school.

And, let me say, I think that Kate is ready for school and will love school. It is crazy, but it's like I will take her to school that day, and I won't see her again until she is 18. I think of her being so little, in the lunchroom - and what if she sits by herself? What if she talks to some children and they are ugly to her? And, what will my days be like without her home?

Let me just say something here: All I hear people say is, "Just wait until she starts kindergarten. You are going to cry." or "Things will never be the same."... I wish I could have heard some more positive things. I have heard so many sad things, and oh have I added more things - to the point where I have made it miserable for myself. Come to think about it, maybe that's why I have had almost constant ulcers in my mouth for weeks.... Just a thought....

So, tonight I am thankful for all the times that we have traveled places and Kate didn't get a sting. Like Cades Cove. Like times where she was with a sitter. I feel that God has truly watched over her and us, and I was so glad that I was there when this happened, and that help was so close by and ready.

And, I am thankful that school is still a few weeks away.

But, I am ready for bed. ♥


Rebecca said...

This will be a wonderful year for Kate. Here is a positive thing for you to focus on...You will be so excited and proud of her as you watch her learn new things everyday. It is such an indescribable feeling when you can watch their little minds work, and figure things out on their own. There will be sad times, but I promise you there will be many, many more happy moments too!

Anonymous said...

It is sad as children begin to grow, but remember they come here leaving us and God allows this in baby steps for us. Starting school is just one of the many baby steps. Trust me, your relationship with Kate will change and you will love it. She will always come home to you and you will always be in her heart......I can't count the times my first graders have forgotten and called me "mom"...mom is always on their hearts. So many wonderful things will come from her growing up and the relationship you have now will only grow dearer. Crying about this change is normal so don't beat yourself up about this♥ Just enjoy your days with your twin! Emmy

Laura McCann said...

Kristi, one of the best things about Callie going to school the first year is that I got to do something I had never done before. I got to spend all day, every day with Grace all.by.ourselves. It was a precious year for us to have time to bond and enjoy each other. You and Brooks will have that same gift and it will be priceless.
Kate is growing up, but she will still need you. Think about all the things that you still need from your sweet mama. You have not 'outgrown' that need for your mama and Kate won't either. She will come home all excited about what she learned that day and wanting to share it with someone really special to her...you!
It is bittersweet to watch your little ones grow up. On the one hand, you can't help thinking about how much less they need you with each passing phase. On the other hand, you will be so proud of all their achievements and they will gain such self esteem by gaining some independence. It is a good trade off.
She will do well in school and I think she IS ready and you will be the proudest mama watching her spread her wings and start to learn to fly!
She won't forget the way home or the one special person who loves her no matter what. You both will be fine. I promise you will.

Casey Hester said...

Bless your heart - all of your hearts. What I can tell you is that there's a social side that is good - Kate will get to learn to make friends more than she ever has before. You should see Sophia hug all her friends at school before she leaves. And oh the things she'll learn that you are so glad about - that you never thought or didn't have time to teach her.

Nikki McElroy said...

We had a fabulous kindergarten year. Joseph learned so much (his class actually studied Mexico - Gulf, volcanoes, culture, etc -- much different from the kindergarten that I remember!). He was so cute and felt such a sense of accomplishment with everything he learned and every skill he mastered. Visit every chance you get, encourage her as you always do, and next summer will be here before you know it! Hugs to you as I cry about first grade...

Ashley said...

I know for me I was super excited when Kyle started real school. I have always loved getting school supplies, packing everything up, getting a new backpack...I was way more excited this year than Kyle was. I know, I am a total geek like that. I am so sorry to hear that Kate had such a bad reaction to a sting. Very scary to think what could have happened and so very glad you were with her and able to take her to the doctor when she had this reaction. I'm sure having the epi pen will make you a little more comfortable. Keep your chin up. After all, tomorrow if another day (hopefully one with fewer tears) :)

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

Remember we are entrusted with our children and it is JOBS to make sure they are given the guidance they need to be responsible adults. Having said that, it is sad to have them start a new venture on life's path but remember too that with each new venture there is excitement. One day they will leave home but that is the goal all parents should have....I hated it when my girls flew out of the nest but I was also proud of the fact they were ready to face the world with an indpendent spirit. With sadness should come a sense of accomplishment. Enjoy this new phase in Kate's life with her.