Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mally, our new addition!

I have missed our Boomer so much. I just plain have missed having a big dog around. Mally came from the shelter - actually she was brought straight to the clinic from the shelter. She never made it to the adoption floor. When I saw her, and how quiet she was, I just had to have her. She loves the kids, walks on a leash with great manners but isn't housebroken... we are working on that. So far, so good - no accidents! If she doesn't work out with us, a co-worker wants her. How fortunate we are that her other family decided to give her up!

Walking her in the yard.

I hope her haircoat is so sparse because she went into heat. I spayed her last week, so here's hoping that her coat becomes pretty! :)

A girl and her dog
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Anonymous said...

Wow! Kate is certainly your twin ♥ She is at such ease with Mally. What a wonderful example of compassion you are setting with them.

Pa said...

Kristi, close your eye's and Kate will be grown up. She looks so grown up walking Mally.