Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sprinkler fun

We tried this last Wed, and it was cold. Well, it was still cold today, but the kids were begging! They got a warm bath when they were finished!

We finished moving the monkey grass from half of the driveway. Then we used the sod moved from the walkway to put where the monkey grass was. It looks so much better already!

Things we did today:

-cleaned up the kitchen
-cleaned out the refrigerator (and it looks so good!)
-cut Scott and Brooks' hair
-returned the borrowed wetsaw
-bagged 4 bags of remaining leaves
-trimmed the hedges (that took all but 5 minutes)
-moved the monkey grass
-placed sod over the monkey grass areas
-mowed the front and back yards
-bathed both kiddos
-cooked supper


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