Thursday, April 1, 2010

And, the eye answer is...

Iris Coloboma!

Coloboma is a word that describes where tissue is missing. This can occur in any part inside or outside of the eye. It does commonly occur on the optic nerve, but can also involve the iris, eyelid, etc.

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ICURIS said...

are you talking about that white cat with the blue iris?

i'd challenge that diagnosis. an iris coloboma does not distort the iris root like this does. it simply expands the pupil (usually inferiorly). it's due to an incomplete closure of the iris tissue during fetal development.

here are some examples:

the pictures you have show the pupil is not expanded and the iris is not incompletely developed. it does, however, show a pupil that is misplaced and it shows degenerative holes in the iris.

here are some more examples that i put on your FB page:

sorry to be argumentative, but that's not an iris coloboma. :)

Anonymous said...

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