Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Many thanks, more contemplation

Thanks so much, you guys, for your sweet comments about Tristan. It is still so strange not to have him with me, but I know that the right decision was made. Down to 2 dogs now!

It seems that death has taken over the past few weeks. Am I just reaching that point in my life that I can have friends/family die in what seems like clustered numbers? 2 weeks ago, a former co-worker and friend was murdered in her home, along with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a drug dealer, so that situation was bad. It was just so hard to believe that she is gone. Just 28 years old. Leaves behind 2 children - one is 9 and the other is 3. At her funeral, the 3 year old (Brooks' age, btw) would just look at his Mother in the casket, and was reaching out to her, talking to her. It was the saddest picture of anything I have ever seen.

Her funeral was worse than that. The priest (I think it was priest - they are Catholic) didn't shave, used the phrase "screwed up" and nearly cursed at one point (might as well had said it, because we all thought it). He didn't know her, you could just tell. Not that it was his fault - it was hers.

I got a phone call this morning that my hair stylist died in his sleep last night. He had been cutting my hair for almost 5 years. He wasn't in the best of health, including smoking, but it was still unexpected. It seems that friends of mine aren't fairing all that well these days!

What hurts the most, is that especially in my co-worker's case, if you read the Bible and believe it - she isn't in heaven right now. That hurts so badly. Death is so final, and there is no second chance to make it right. I wish so badly that I could have said more, done more. Anything to impress how important it is to be a Christian. To be a true Biblical Christian the way the Bible says. It is a nice thought that just being a nice, good person is all you need to do. But, that's not what the Bible says.

My heart is heavy over losing 2 friends that I question where they are now. Only God can make that decision - I'm so glad that I'm not in that position. They won't be the first, or last. I can only hope that I can be able to be that Christian influence to my friends. I want to take everyone to heaven that I can!


Mom said...

You are such a sweet, caring person, Kristi, and anyone who knows you knows your Christian light shines brightly!! You will probably never know all the good your influence has made in peoples' lives. Keep being you!! I love you!

Louise said...

I'm so sorry about all your losses. I will keep you and the families of these people in my prayers.